Trace Ranch - 100 hd of spring calving 24-26 month old homeraised
Angus heifers bred to Saler bulls. EPD bull papers are available.

Ronald and Pam Duffer Dispersal - Angus & Angus Cross cows
bred to Hereford bulls; 50 hd spring calving cows bred back with
their 3rd calf; 25 hd spring calving cows bred back with their 4th
calf; 50 hd 5-8yr old spring calving cows

Felan Ranches- 107 hd of Angus Cross & Charolasis Cross 3-5
year old spring and fall calving cows bred to Charolasis, Angus,
and Hereford bulls.

Felan Ranches- 43 pair of Angus Cross & Charolasis Cross cows
bred back to calve in the spring by Hereford and Red Angus bulls.

Huber Cattle Co.- 40 heifers AI'd on 5.26.19 to BCH RED DIRT 826 then
cleaned up with DIRT until 7.15.19

Eric Waters - 60 EnglishX pair 3-5 yrs old
Ronnie Keith - 25 hd of Hereford Heifers bred to LowBirthWt Red
Angus bulls; will be 24 months when they calve
Jim Deberry- 40-50 4-7 yr old 4-6 month predominately black cows bred to
Angus and Horned Hereford bulls; also 4-5 1st calf pairs bred to Angus bulls(films to come)
Sandra Keller- 16 AngusX cows bred to Angus bulls

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